Thursday, June 7, 2007

像 You 像 Me

"what mouse walk on 2 legs?"

"errm.... i give up"

"Mickey Mouse!"


"ok, the next question.. what duck walk on 2 legs?"

"Donald Duck!"

"errmm.... all ducks walk on 2 legs. hahahahaha"

"omg! hilarious! lol"

我们天天聊,most of the time 闲聊就会讲冷笑话。不过很可惜, a lot of 冷笑话都是in chinese的,她又看不懂,cultural 也不一样。有a lot of 无聊的冷笑话cannot say. lol.

monday 的时候......
"what are you doing now?"

"me? watching tv. there's a show on tv. last episode. some vampire serial". 我和马小玲的约会,3 times a week 都会有。

"what's that?"

"some cantonese vampire show. about this group of people who are vampire, good vampires, and they battle different things all the time. this is the 3rd season, they are battling fate. i'll send u a pic. :p" 我send 了永恒国度的pic 给她。

"omg! i love this show!"

duh... 她也有看僵尸的meh? oh. 忘了僵尸originally 是cantonese 的。

"yap. we call them chapter movies here. i've finished watching all 3 seasons already."

"me too. this is a re-run. lol. but i still love it all the same." cos i love 马小玲 mah. hmm... 天涯oso cute... lol .... "the love story is nice. it is not as romantic or epic as plots in other movies, but it is interesting nevertheless. imagine! 2 vampires, living forever, together! don't you just wish u and ur bf can be like that!" 直教人生死相许,天南地北双飞燕,老翅几回寒暑,欢乐趣,离别苦,就中更有痴儿女,君应有语,渺万里层云,千山暮雪,指影向谁去.... Deny thy father and refuse thy name;Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,And I'll no longer be a Capulet.... 曾经有一份真诚的爱情摆在我面前,但我没有珍惜,直到失去以后才后悔莫及,人世间最痛苦的事莫过于此..... 我妈说我memory差,什么事都记不了。exam 时always forget things. but 有些话study 的时候觉得interesting, 都会去背... cos 以后easier to 骗女孩子.... end up 有些东西一背,一辈子都忘不了....

MSN 好像hang 了。我的lily 没有反应.... 我send 了ah boon 一个"oi! boon!"


"没事。check check 我的MSN 有没有hang"

"bo liao!"

MSN 没hang leh。荷花妹有事时会 BRB 的。是不是我说了something wrong? 难道她是僵尸?!

"........" 她send 了个点点点

"i don't think that will happen to me. i just broke up with my bf"

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