Tuesday, May 22, 2007

荷花 lily



Afternoon 的时候,在ICQ 逛逛, 又在看有没有人还在ICQ 上,找个stranger 吧。真没心情work。

"Oh Oh", 我的ICQ叫了。哇 weird leh, 通常都是我search 人,都很少遇到人家search 我的。

"hello" 一个叫荷花的在msg 我。

"hi. intro?"

"f 26. u?" 哇seh! cha bor leh! so good... got ger find me... 不知道是真实假。usually internet 都有pervert 扮 chabor, 很无聊hor....

"m 27 :) nice to meet you!"

"how are you?"

"fine. fine. you? where are you from?"

"i'm ok.. i guess... i'm from canada" 这女孩是真的吗?! ang mo leh! 有女孩找我已经不常见了,还有canada 的ang mo?! 哇 我要中toto 了。hmm... 看起来好像心情不是很还,难怪这么无聊找人聊天。

"wow. i've never been to canada before, but i think its a nice place. i'm from singapore"

"i know. i saw your details." 不会吧。就这样,没有下一句了?那我怎么接下去啊。

"so which part of canada are you from?"

"vancouver" 快手快脚,上网找vancouver 的weather. BINGO! 9 degrees.

"must be cold isnt it, 9 degrees now"

"yea. lol. you are fast aren't you."

"lol, well i got to find something to talk about right?" 厉害吧!but 还不知道是不是真的女孩。

"yes. it is pretty cold here. not freezing like last week, but still cold. so, tell me about singapore. what are you working as?"

"i'm a programmer with a tiny little company. singapore? pretty much a boring place. there's nothing much to see here. except maybe one or two man made stuff and that's it. you havent been here before right?" 算了。就当他是个真的chabor 吧。反正我现在很无聊。打发时间吧。

"no. i've got a few friends who are from singapore. online friends. just like you. they told me a lot about singapore, and i am very interested about your country too. so i did a search for everyone in singapore who are online and send hellos to them. you will not believe the number of people who replied. none!"

"hahaha.... my dear, that's because no one uses ICQ anymore" 哇 这女孩是什么年代的,不知道没人用ICQ了吗。

"i know. pretty sad, isn't it. it has this nice feature where you can find someone randomly to chat with". hmm... 英雄所见略同。

"i totally agree...."

"i gtg. my bf is calling. i'll talk to you soon, ok?"

"ok. see ya!" 又是个cheap thrill 的,说每到几句就走了。算了。也不把她加进我的friends list里了。这种都加,我的ICQ 就爆了。

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