Wednesday, May 16, 2007

累 shag


昨晚meet 了一个friend online on ICQ. 好久没上ICQ 了。都没有人在ICQ anymore。 but 上去是因为要找些朋友的email。看到了lin。

"oi, why you still on ICQ? so ancient liao u still use ah?"

"look who's talking" lin 说 "you got MSN or not, u ancient ah peh"

"of course lah! come here to grab some email address only. i actually like ICQ, can search for strangers to chit chat. msn cannot. sometimes bored mah, want to find people to chat. so i still use icq lor." then 我就给了lin 我的msn

"so late liao still awake ah?" lin 在msn msg 我.

"hai, cannot sleep leh. damn bored. nvm, going to koon now"

"ok good night"

我真的很无聊对吗? but 有时和stranger 聊天很interesting 的。我有好多朋友是在ICQ search 出来的 oh! lin 也是其中之一。

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