Tuesday, May 29, 2007

歌 song


over the past few days, almost 每天都和荷花聊天。

最近market 很好,很容易找工作。我也去try try,就这样找到了a new job。所以现在是tender resignation period,懒懒的,每天只是handover 而已,所以最近都和荷花聊得很久。比和人chit chat 还要多啊!日以继夜,no sleep no rest 的和她聊。

"... and she just go on and on, jumping up and down on the sofa until she broke it! we didn't tell the guy when we left, but I think we cannot sing there anymore. They must have caught it on the video or something." 她在说她last week 去唱karaoke 的事。

"hahahaha. oh no! i must keep you and your friends far far away from my sofa!"

"I am now you moron! I'm half way around the world from you!" 我突然想起了 halfway around the world.. that won't stop me from loving you... halfway around the world... i'll still be feeling the way i do...

荷花是一个很chio 的女孩。一点点瓜子脸,好大的眼睛,好长的eye lash,好可爱的鼻子,好性感的嘴唇.... 和她聊起来,印象是一个活泼开朗的女孩,很涛人喜欢,always think about others。她朋友很多,常常都作一些很crazy的事情。但是很奇怪的事,她都不谈她男朋友的.....

"who's songs do you like?"

"avril lavigne, celin dion, whitney houston..." 什么阿里拉比,西玲地痒.... 我是听933长大的.... "sometimes sheryl crow. what about you?"

"me? I do mandarin, cantonese, korean and japanese.... maybe cos it very asian here..."

"oh really?! I like cantonese songs too. but it is kind of hard to get them here in van. i can converse but i can't read or write, except my own name. its quite difficult to find the CDs here too, and I can't find the mp3 online."

"hmm... which song do you want? I can try to find the mp3 for you. i can type in chinese, it is easier to search in chinese"

"hmm. there is this song i like a lot. it is an old song really. my mom likes it a lot, so i kinda get influenced..... Can you help me, darling?"

升级了,变大铃了。ring... ring... ring....

"do you know the title?"

"no... i can sing it though. but i can't write."

"ok. you can sing and record into your computer and send me the file. i can listen to your voice and try to figure out the song at the same time!"

"hahaha i don't want to spoil my mic or break your speakers! lol"


"ok, let me see. the song goes like this... nam fun zarn e car, yarn mint door something something, gay she yout gong dong weng wa..."

"hahahahah there is no way i can figure that out!!!"

"awww... pleaseeee........"

自古英雄难过美人关,美人撒娇铁汉软。用这一招,江山都可以给你了。 "ok.. ok... i'll try..."

"awwww thank you! mmmmmmmuah!"

电子 kiss, 通过internet, 通过monitor explode 了出来。这种感觉,就像夏天的海滩;鞋里的沙,习习的海风,咸咸的海水在嘴边....

*snap* *snap* 醒醒!oh no.... 又在daydream 了。

咳,没办法,帮她找吧....... 我总是心太软... 心太软.......

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