Friday, May 25, 2007

斯坦利公园 stanley park

"hello my dear prince!" 她又在msg我了。 "how are you?"

"hello my dear water lily" 以比之道,还施比身。我是她的dear, 那么她也是我的dear lor.

"aiya, don't call me dear. I will blush"

我这时起了疑心。"aiya? this is not in the english language right?"

我还以为她是ang mo。原来她是asian 来的。她妈(ops)是vietnamese, 她爸是hong konger,所以不只会english, 也会一点点vietnamese,而家中是讲cantonese的。在canada出世的她,在学校只学英文,而中文是自己学的,所以只会看一点点。她喜欢听英文歌,因为家里是说广东话,所以也会听广东歌from hong kong。 wow... so interesting...

"... you're not bad yourself, you speak English, Mandarin, Hainanese and Japanese"

"aiya, you are making me blush" 哈哈哈

她是在canada customs工作的,同时也在一所high school教书。爸爸开餐馆。平时喜欢逛街,看戏,听歌,biking。

"i like to cycle too. we have a place called east coast park, almost everyone goes there at least once in a while to cycle".


"yap. cos this is a small country. someone once mention if you drive your car in the fourth gear, the car will plunge into the sea. hahaha"

"hahaha. who is the person? some comedian?"

"no... a prime minister of another country.... lol"

"hahaha, the States poke fun of us all the time."

"ditto" 和她聊了几天,england 也变powerful了。

在vancouver,也有个像east coast park的地方,叫stanley park。

hmmm... 真的好像oh! 斯坦利公园... stanley park...

In 1886, Vancouver's first City Council made a momentous decision by petitioning the Federal Government to lease 1,000 acres of a largely logged peninsula for park and recreation purposes. Following the establishment of the fledgling city's first official "greenspace", Council decided to set up an autonomous and separately elected committee to govern all park and recreation matters in Vancouver. And so the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation was born, the only elected body of its kind in Canada. The system now includes more than 200 parks (over 1300 hectares) but its heart remains in the cool, lush, evergreen oasis of Stanley Park, named for Lord Stanley, Governor General of Canada in 1888 when the park was officially opened.

Yearly visits to this, North America's third largest urban core park, are estimated at eight million people. Originally home to Burrard, Musqueam and Squamish First Nations people, Stanley Park as you see it today was not one designer's grand scheme but more an evolution of a pioneer city's hopes and dreams; a place for its citizens to recreate themselves through active sport or passive repose.

哇kao, 我们的east coast park cannot fight. history 没有人家的久, land 没人家的大。 哈哈哈


Angelina said...

Saw your blog on BlogHub. Very interesting posts, and funny too xD

Love the mix of languages =D Keep blogging!

xiaotaizi said...

谢谢你,同是Aquarius 的你。


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